9 Signs That Should Tell You to Visit Your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx, NYC 12/9/2019 — Zenab Bello-osagie

9 Signs That Should Tell You to Visit Your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx, NYC

Bronx is one of the boroughs of New York city and is home to the New York Yankees Stadium. It is a well populated region of the city with people from all backgrounds and age groups. The Bronx has some of the best medical facilities and health clinics for anyone requiring any sort of treatment. Sports persons and regular people as well will inevitably need to visit a quality Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx for many conditions and reasons.

Parkchester Medical is located conveniently in the Bronx offering great medical service to the masses. Along with some of the best orthopedic doctors, we also have qualified doctors for other medical disciplines as well. If you need an experienced Urologist in Bronx NY, you can visit any time. However, for your body, there can be many signs that will tell you to visit an orthopedic doctor in the region straightaway. Here are some of them in detail:

1: Tingling or Numb Hands

A tingling sensation in one’s hands can be caused by many reasons. Sometimes, hands or fingers can even feel slightly numb. Being a non-medical person, you’d probably not know why any of these might be happening. One of the first reasons for this is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

A minor wrist fracture that you might not even feel can cause this syndrome. Other nerve damages can cause certain tingling sensations or numb fingers in your hands. Be sure to check with your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx if you feel these even the slightest at all. Ignoring this can develop in serious issues.

2: Shoulder Pains for No Apparent Reason

If you often lift heavy weights, an occasional shoulder ache can be expected. However, if you do none of that and still get hurting shoulders, you might need a visit to the orthopedic right away. This kind of pain gets worse through the night and with shoulder movements. Shoulder joints can get tender.

This is a sign of tendonitis and occurs due to an injury carried from the past or overuse of the limb. Your elbow, heel or wrist can have same symptoms as well. Simple aging can also cause your tendons that join muscles to bones to lose elasticity. Be sure to check with your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx quickly.

3: Pain in Body from Repetitive Motions

People who work physically stressful jobs, can often engage in repetitive motions and movements for their daily chores. These can create a lot of stress on muscles causing internal unnoticed injuries as well. People working with machines producing lots of vibrations can also experience pains in body parts.

Various joints and limbs can experience slight or intensive pains at different times. It can be hard to identify what is causing that exact pain in your body. Be sure to visit a qualified Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx who will diagnose the correct cause of your pain and rectify it in due time with proper treatment.

4: Trouble Climbing Stairs

Usually, this type of a condition is common in elderly people. Joints and knees can give in over time and start to deteriorate. However, at times, these joints can start hurting and become weak for other reasons as well. First thing affected people will notice is trouble climbing stairs.

A joint replacement surgery might be in order in certain cases. Especially when a chronic joint pain lasts longer than 6 months, it is time to visit a qualified and experienced Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx. They will suggest whatever is the best way to treat you from this.

5: Twisted Ankles

Twisted or rolled ankles are actually quite common for athletes or even many regular people. Having stepped on a round stone or any other uneven surface can cause an ankle to twist. However, sprained ankles can be identified from swelling or bruising on the outside part of an ankle.

People who move about a lot or do their sports chores during the day, can get twisted ankles quite a lot. Past ankle sprains can also give way to new ones. Some people can also have natural bone shapes that can lead to twisted ankles frequently. A quality orthopedic specialist will identify whatever is going on.

6: Painful Joints in the Body

Additional to regular body aches, hurting joints are also quite common. Chronic pains in any joints tell you to visit your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx asap. Inflammation or swelling around any of your joints can be associated with this pain. It can also be a sign that bones in joints are rubbing together.

These are signs of arthritis and is more commonly found in woman of all ages. Older women are more likely to develop arthritis as well. Too much body weight can be one of the most common arthritis causes. Previous joint injuries and repeated ending of joints can also be the reason for it.

7: Injury Getting Worse

From any accident or injuries, it is common to have pains in the body that get worse with time. Any kind of bone fracture or crack can be a major cause of injury worsening for people of all ages. Subsequently, young ones under the age of 20 and elders over 65 are more likely to break their arms and other bones.

Hip bones, arms, spine, leg and thighs are quite common for being fractured and broken. Swelling or bruising over the skin where a fracture might be is a first sign of this with light or mild pain in case of small fractures. An Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx would help identify and treat the problem for good.

8: Swollen Wrists or Other Joints

Landing awkwardly on your wrist can case it to swell. Similarly, awkward landing for any part of the body can cause swelling on the respective limb. Overuse of joints for athletes and people who like to exert themselves is a natural cause as well.

For our joints, there is a sac called bursa that is filled with fluid protecting our bones from rubbing against each other. This can happen with the wrist or any other joints where bones meet. Be sure to visit your Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx and get treated properly if you have any swollen joints.

9: Bruised Muscles That Might Be Weak or Stiff

Bluish discoloration on the skin for any internal bone injuries is quite common after a certain period of time. Severe hitting of big and heavy enough objects on any body part can cause fibers of muscles to get crushed between that object and the bone. Skin doesn’t have to be broken for this to happen.

Blood can also pool under the skin creating a lump over the injury. All these conditions can be quite hard to treat on your own. Be sure to check out a qualified Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx who will help diagnose the proper cause of this and treat it quickly.

How Parkchester Medical Can Help!

Do you have a lasting pain in any part of joint of your body? Parkchester medical can some of the most qualified Orthopedic Doctors in Bronx. We have a modern advanced facility that also provides care and treatment for many other conditions and issues.

We have qualified and experienced Urologist in Bronx NY and proper doctors for many other medical problems. Call now to book your appointment or walk-in any time to get treated by expert professionals. Our service is available for people of all ages and backgrounds.

What Should You Check Before Admitting Yourself in a Medical Facility in Bronx, NYC? 12/5/2019 — Zenab Bello-osagie

What Should You Check Before Admitting Yourself in a Medical Facility in Bronx, NYC?

Getting the right medical treatment is paramount for all of us. No matter how much we would rather be without a trip to the local medical center, many times it becomes inevitable. Selecting the best possible treatment for conditions where you have to be checked in for longer periods of time will play a vital role in getting back to full health. Bronx is one of the largest parts of New York city. People in the region can check themselves in many centers to get treated perfectly.

Parkchester Medical in Bronx, NYC is one such facility that provides highest standard of care for all patients. We have experienced and qualified doctors who specialize in their own field of medicine and treatment. Patients with many different conditions can be checked in and treated properly. Our advanced facility provides proper diagnosis and treatment for people of all ages and backgrounds. Selecting the best Health Care in Bronx should get you back to full health quickly.

Here are a few key points that you should always check before checking into any medical facility in Bronx:

Treatment Specialization for Your Specific Condition

Many medical centers offer treatments for many conditions. Yet, some specialize in specific conditions that can be all-important for certain people. For example, some facilities might have the best orthopedic care in Bronx but would not have cardiac experts. Some with top qualified Family Doctor in Bronx can be lacking in some other departments of medicine and treatment.

If you have a medical history and know exactly what is wrong with you, chances are that you would be in a position to consult the right doctors. Be sure to do a bit of research on your own self and be admitted in the right place with perfect treatment. This is a very important step of getting treated for any given condition. Usually, reading reviews or calling for information provides great insight that can be used.

Be sure to check whatever available channels of information you can find for the local Health Center in Bronx. Ask around in your social circle and also take aid from the internet. Website reviews and those found on social media for health centers can be quite revealing. It is your health that is on the line, choose the best doctors and centers in Bronx to get treated right.

Qualified Doctors to Nurse You to Good Health

Whether you need the best Family Doctor in Bronx or any specific specialist like a cardiac surgeon, only the highest qualified doctors would provide best treatment. Fortunately, finding out the level of qualification and experience is one of the easiest things in the medical industry. You can get directions from your local Health Clinic in Bronx about how much their doctors are qualified.

Visiting cards, websites and other forms of media can provide information about the actual qualification of doctors at any health center in Bronx. Another helping factor is the overall experience of those doctors at any given health center. More experience brings more skill in most cases. Look for a medical center in Bronx that can provide best qualified and most experience doctors to treat you.

Qualifications for doctors for the specific condition that you might have will always help with best treatment. From the smallest thing to the worst of conditions, selecting the most qualified Family Doctor in Bronx would always be the best way to go. Parkchester Medical in Bronx, NYC is one of the most experienced medical centers with best qualified doctors. Visit us for your conditions anytime.

Advanced Facility All Around

Another majorly contributing factor for any Health Clinic in Bronx regarding their ability to treat you is advancement in technology. From reception to the actual ICUs and operation theaters, every step of the way should be latest and greatest in terms of technology. It is technological devices that help with best diagnosis and treatment for many conditions you might have.

Advanced reception areas with modern tablets and devices will help them store and manage your information efficiently. Your record will be kept safely in an advanced medical center. Quality Family Doctor in Bronx with advanced equipment would be able to pull up your information only with a few clicks. Technology is important and even more so for the medical industry.

Be sure to ask around and get information any way that you can find about how advanced any given medical facility is. How advanced a Health Clinic in Bronx is will eventually be the deciding factor into how efficiently you can get treated from there.

Staff Attitude Plays a Vital Role

Whether you need to visit a Family Doctor in Bronx or need admission for any given conditions, attitude of people there will be vital. The right attitude from a physician or doctor can treat half of your problems right away. If you have done a bit of research into finding out the best Health Clinic in Bronx to get admitted in, you should be aware of which one provides the best service with great attitude.

Rude medical staff can always be a big no for any medical center around the New York city. No matter how good their doctors and equipment can be, if they are not willing to treat you with the right attitude, you should find someone who is. Find that bit of information from any source possible will be greatly beneficial for your treatment.

Be sure to look for online reviews or from community centers about any helping features for your Health Clinic in Bronx. Getting the best treatment is subject to many factors. Don’t compromise on any and always get the best service available.

How Can Parkchester Medical Help?

When looking for some of the best doctors in Bronx, NYC for many medical conditions, Parkchester Medical in the region is one of the best service providers. We have highly qualified doctors that are much experienced and know their specialized fields of medicine inside out.

For any lasting or temporary conditions, you can come and get admitted getting the best medical treatment from our center. Parkchester Medical is a name you can trust and depend on to get treated professionally with advanced equipment and from qualified doctors.

5 Warning Signs for Gallstones and How to Treat Them 11/26/2019 — Zenab Bello-osagie


5 Warning Signs for Gallstones and How to Treat Them

They might not be life threatening (in most cases) but gallstones can surely cause enough pain and discomfort. Your gallbladder is supposed to store bile that helps breaking down fats. Helping with food digestion, gallbladder is one of the most important organs inside a human body.

In certain conditions that happen inside the body, gallbladder can develop stones. These are called gallstones and can vary in size from that of a grain to as big as a golf ball. When left unattended, these cause severe pain in the abdomen with direct affects to food digestion.

Gastroenterology Doctors advise against foods filled with too much fats to stay safe from gallstones. However, if you do develop them and get diagnosed with gallstones, treating them asap is the best option. Here are some warning signs of gallstones followed by best possible treatments:

1: Severe Upper Right Abdomen Pain Extending to Upper Back

One of the first signs you always need to pay attention on is severe pain in the upper right abdomen. This might extend to your upper back as well. What you need to know is the fact that a solid stone in your gallbladder will cause friction. Pain will be generated from this friction with a lot of discomfort.

Gastroenterology Doctors can diagnose this pain immediately. People with fat filled diets will feel the worst affects of gallstones. New Yorkers for example have a higher tendency to develop gallstones than people in many smaller cities of the world.

Be sure to find qualified and experienced Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx or any other part of New York when you have this abdominal pain. Also look for movement of this pain. If it travels to your upper back region, chances are it is caused by gallstones.

2: Unexplained Fever and Shivering

Gallstones work in a different way to other stone developments in your body. By blocking bile transfer to the intestines, gallstones cause your body to think differently. Another major symptom is unexplained fever and shivering from it.

Temperature of your body can rise significantly without any explanation for it. Mild or severe shivering can also be caused at any time of the day. When you have unexplained fevers, its definitely time to visit your doctor. A visit to specialist Gastroenterology Doctor should not be delayed as well.

Parkchester Medical is your most reliable Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx. For people in the region, these doctors and specialists can provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for gallstones.

3: Severe Nausea and Extreme Vomiting

As your intestines will be missing the important bile component that is necessary for fat digestion, severe nausea and vomiting can be experienced. This is one of the most revealing symptoms of gallstones for people of all ages.

Gastroenterology Doctors are able to diagnose this feeling with proper equipment and procedures. They might prescribe and Endoscopy procedure that will show the exact size of your gallstones. An Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) can also be performed to get to the root of your problem.

You should always make sure to visit qualified Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can get rid of these stones permanently and get back to feeling great again.

4: Jaundice with Pale Skin and Yellow Eye Color

Another visible sign and symptom of gallstones is jaundice with pale skin and eye color. Bad fat digestion causes jaundice in the intestines with pale color of skin and yellow eye color development. Gastroenterology Doctors are able to spot this and diagnose the proper treatment.

There can be some other causes of yellow skin and eye color development. You need to be diagnosed from qualified doctors in order to get to the root of your problem. However, when you see such symptoms, it is time to visit the doctor straightaway.

5: Darkening of Urine with Clay Colored Stools

Some of the least noted and observed symptoms of gallstones are changes in your urine and stool. Because only the patient is able to see these, often they are missed altogether. However, darkening of urine and also clay colored stools are warning signs for gallstones.

As your intestines don’t get the required mix of bile, digestion of fats and other food ingredients gets affected. Stool becomes clay colored with high fat content. Urine passing might also cause some degree of pain with a darkening of its color as well.

You should keep in mind the first few discussed symptoms and be on the lookout for these urine and stool changes. Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx should be able to diagnose these symptoms accordingly.

Gallstones Treatment

Once you get diagnosed with gallstones or the doctor thinks you have them, an Endoscopy might be advised. A detailed Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) might also be requested by the Gastroenterology Doctor. If results are positive, you will be treated accordingly. There are two major forms of gallstone treatment:

Oral Medication

When your gallstones are not large in size or are in the initial stages of development, they might be curable with oral prescribed medication. For people in the Bronx region, your qualified Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx will prescribe some form of oral medication.

It is important to know that there will be some changes in your diet prescribed by the doctor as well. Usually, a diet consisting of much less fats is advised that will reduce the stress on your intestines. Gallstones block the bile passing into the intestines resulting in lower fat digestion that causes problems.

Surgical Gallbladder Removal

For very large gallstones, a proper surgical gallbladder removal might be the best medical solution. With this, a medical procedure will have to be conducted that will remove the gallbladder altogether. Often, large gallstones change the stage of gallbladder, which is beyond functionality.

You must keep in mind all the precautionary measures after this surgical gallbladder removal procedure. Once it is removed, bile will transfer directly to the intestines boosting your digestion instantly. There will be no affect on your food digestion but a dietary care will be in order as prescribed by the doctor.

Are you looking for the best Gastroenterology Doctor in Bronx, NYC? Parkchester Medical is a name you can trust. We have an advanced medical setup with some of the most qualified gastroenterology specialists who diagnose and treat your gallstones perfect. Call now to book your appointment or visit us in Parkchester Medical now to get the perfect gallstone treatment. 


5 Problems That Can Be Eliminated with High-Quality Physiotherapy in Bronx NYC 11/22/2019 — Zenab Bello-osagie

5 Problems That Can Be Eliminated with High-Quality Physiotherapy in Bronx, NYC

Human bodies are vulnerable to many conditions and long-lasting pains. With every passing year, people tend to develop bodily conditions that might include pains and other symptoms. When analyzed, these are not caused by any organ failure or malfunction at all. Most body aches and pains can be attributed to age factor or other medical conditions.

Physiotherapy is one of the oldest surviving techniques that has been modernized to some extent in recent times. Roots of this treatment can be traced back to ancient times where not much medication was available. Still to this day, physiotherapy is considered to be one of the best treatment solutions for a lot of bodily problems.

If you are from Bronx, NYC, Parkchester Medical is one of the best Physiotherapists available. You will get problem-solving Physiotherapy Bronx treatment that will eliminate many of your unwanted conditions and pains. Here are some pains and problems that can be eliminated with physiotherapy:

1: Loss of Balance

More than one medical condition and factors can cause loss of balance in certain individuals. Age factor plays a role in some people feeling a loss of balance as well. Problems with inner ear are best known to cause loss of balance in our bodies. Symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness and balance disturbance are caused by problems with the inner ear.

A Physiotherapist Bronx specialist should be able to perform the right treatment. Vestibular Rehabilitation is a type of physiotherapy that deals with inner ear and loss of balance problems. You need to ensure treatment from a qualified and experienced physiotherapist in Bronx, NYC. A series of head, neck and eye exercises will be used to help retain your central nervous system.

This treatment compensates for your inner ear problems and brings back perfect balance at all times. Vestibular Rehabilitation can be used as a replacement for surgery or a treatment after surgery depending on your case.

2: Feel of Pain While Sitting on Your Desk

People working in offices sitting on their chair in the desk posture feel pain in their back often. This sitting posture for long hours gives rise to various forms of backaches and headaches. The thing that causes this pain is the lack of movement. Our bodies are made in a way that movement keeps certain parts and joints in perfect shape.

Sitting in one posture for longer hours can cause joint strain in the lower and upper back regions. One of the best remedies is to get regular breaks and movements. However, if you do get in a situation where lasting backaches occur, a physiotherapy treatment can provide the best solution. Expert Physiotherapist in Bronx, NYC should be able to suggest proper exercises that provide pain relief.

These exercises are aimed to let your body do proper movements. Doing these, your backbone and muscles should get back to their proper functionality. Be sure to get proper treatment before the pain worsens and develops into a much deeper problem for your body.

3: Constant Pain in Various Parts of the Body

Other than desk posture pain in the back, other parts of the body can also experience certain pains at different times. Often cause by the aging factor, these pains can be caused by certain injuries due to your lifestyle habits. Sports people or regular persons with small or major accidents can have their joints hurting with long-lasting pains and aches in the body.

Lower back, neck, legs and other joint pains are actually quite common in many people in Bronx, NY. Trained Physiotherapists in Bronx can work with you in order to identify the exact cause of these pains and aches. Targeted exercises and movements for the affected part of the body can provide permanent relief from these unwanted pains.

Muscle and bone manipulation, pain reliever massages and pain education with targeted exercises are advised by qualified physiotherapists. These heal damaged parts of your body permanently getting you back up to speed for all kinds of chores and activities.

4: Limitations in Limb Movements

Another condition that can be best treated with physiotherapy is limb movement limitations. This can be caused by age factor and many other conditions as well. However, quality physiotherapy is the best solution for limited limb movement problem for people of all ages. Symptoms might include inability to touch your toes, not being able to bend down as much as you used to and many more.

Qualified Physiotherapists in Bronx, NYC can access the exact problem with your limbs and advise the right treatment. Progressive exercises get your limbs operating to full functionality again. These are advised in a way that slowly your limbs open up again and let go of any movement limiting problems.

Physiotherapy sessions are aimed to boost your limb flexibility. These also open up your muscles nicely. However, as these are natural movements and exercises, the whole process can take a bit of time. Slowly but surely, your body will be back on full limb movement.

5: Uncontrolled Urination

According to a report, in the UK alone, three to six million people suffer from uncontrolled urination problem. Urinary Incontinence (uncontrolled passing of urine) is caused by many bodily problems. Women are more susceptible to this problem then men. Age factor contributes heavily to this uncontrolled urination problem in people.

Stress Incontinence and Urge Incontinence are the two main types of urinary incontinence. Inability to control your urine passing gives rise to many social problems. A trained Physiotherapist in Bronx should be able to advise certain bladder related exercises. These put the strength back in your bladder making you able to control urination more often.

Are you looking for the best Physiotherapist in Bronx, NYC? Parkchester Medical is a name you can trust. We have trained physiotherapists in Bronx who have decades of experience perfecting their skills. We will provide permanent relief for all these mentioned problems and many more with our professional high-quality physiotherapy sessions in Bronx, NY. Call now or visit us to get rid of all bodily pains and have full control over your urination problems.

Urgent Care Centers in Bronx, New York - 6 Signs You Should Avoid 11/18/2019 — Zenab Bello-osagie

Urgent Care Centers in Bronx, New York – 6 Signs You Should Avoid

New York is surely one of the most developed and advanced cities of the world. Overall city population has grown far beyond conventional measures. Fortunately, there are a high number of medical centers around the city that provide care for all conditions and situations. Urgent care service providers are to be found in plenty around the city as well.

Yet, not all urgent care centers provide a service that you should settle on. Like anything, there are some telltale signs that reveal the quality of any urgent care service provider in the city. An Urgent Care Center in Bronx for instance is available from many medical centers. Not to say that not all of them offer a satisfactory service standard. You should be aware of where to get these emergency medical services from.

Here are some of the worst signs that should tell you which service providers you should definitely avoid:

1: Tiny, Congested Space with Not Many Facilities

One of the very first signs you should look for is the size of the facility. Emergency medical equipment and its various parts always take a lot of space. When your local emergency service provider has a too small space, it is probably best to look past it.

Tiny and congested space also means there would be less room to organize things with. You will most probably find things and stuffs lying around where they shouldn’t. This is something you can find out with you first visit or from someone who has already been there.

Keeping a note of good quality services in your local area is the best thing to do. If you live in Parkchester, knowing a high-quality Urgent Care Services in Parkchester, Bronx can save you from a lot of hassle. Times of emergency might not allow you to look for a center when you need it most.

2: Outdated Equipment for Diagnosis and Treatment

Another big feature you should always avoid for any urgent care center in New York is outdated equipment. Lack of advanced equipment can turn even the best of doctors into useless service providers. So many of modern-day conditions and problems need the most advanced equipment.

When getting your problems diagnosed, you will do best with centers that have advanced and updated equipment. There are yet so many emergency care providers in New York that are not updated on the basis of their equipment. Word of mouth and personal experiences should guide you with this one.

Patient feedbacks are available these days online on websites and social media. Visiting an urgent care service in any part of New York that is always updated with the latest equipment will be best in all cases.

3: Small Support Staff for Procedures

Support staff is always some of the most contributing when it comes to urgent care or any other medical care. Additional to having some of the best doctors, urgent care centers also need the best support staff. They should also be available in their numbers at any given time of the day or week.

Doctors rely on their support staff to do the majority of their work. From handling equipment to taking initial tests, most is done by qualified support staff. When selecting your emergency care providers in the city, you should always shortlist ones with great support staff.

Urgent Care centers in Bronx, NY and for any other part of the city also need to have experienced support staff. When all members are new and interns, qualify of service you would get should be that great at all.

4: Staff Attitude Is Not Caring and Problem Solving

All the support staff and doctors at any medical center need to be fully trained and in the right spirit of their work. Support and care should flow right through their system allowing for a quality experience. When in an emergency medical situation, the last thing you want is a bad attitude.

There are whole forums dedicated to hospitals, emergency care services and medical centers in NYC. You should join a quality forum and be part of the community. This way, you would be aware of what people are saying about any particular service provider in the city.

With a caring and problem-solving attitude, all the staff members can solve half of the patient problems. When in an emergency, to know that you are being cared for relieves you from many conditions and inner problems.

5: Not Much Attention for the Patient

Additional to their behaviors and attitudes, staff members also need to actually pay attention to patients. Often times, you walk in a public service center and find staff there engaging in their own little activities. It is easy to find staff members not paying much attention to patients who need it the most.

Even when you have to visit an Urgent Care Center in Bronx or any other part of the city, you should get all the attention you need. When medical staff pays attention on patients, it is easy for them to spot additional sources of problems as well.

If you do even visit a medical center that fails to provide the required attention, it should be on your block list for the future. Knowing all your options in advance is the best-case scenario for any emergency or urgent service requirements.

6: Untidy and Un-Hygienic Working Environment

Urgent care center in New York can have all great services, the whole environment being untidy can destroy the purpose. Additional to having the best doctors and equipment, urgent care centers also need to be perfectly hygienic and tidy.

Every surface and handles should look spotless. There should be hand sanitizers placed at such centers at convenient locations. It is simply so easy to catch some virus or infection from surfaces and handles in medical centers.

Are you looking for the best Urgent Care Center in Bronx, NYC? You are at the right place. Parkchester Medical has all the boxes checked for our urgent care service in the region. We have been serving the Bronx, New York with our caring service for a long time. We have advanced equipment, qualified experienced doctors and best support staff. Visit us now in any emergency situation you might find yourself in. We will take care of all your problems like our own.