8 Signs That Should Tell You to Visit a Cardiologist Soon (Some Immediately)

Heart is without a doubt one of the most important organs in the human body. No amount of care you take of your heart can be enough especially when there is any type of a concern there. For people in The Bronx, NYC region, it is paramount to be registered with a quality health clinic in Bronx.

Parkchester Medical is a name you can trust for qualified and experienced cardiologist in Bronx. We have a highly qualified cardiologist who will provide best care and advice for all heart conditions. From a routine checkup to serious heart problems, our expert provides medical solutions for all.

Like many other things in the human body, heart conditions are often overlooked and also ignored. There are some conditions and symptoms that might feel minor to most of us. These minor conditions can develop into serious problems in the future. Here are some signs that you should never ignore:

1.     Chest Discomforts with Light or Moderate Pain

Where many people do understand chest pains and major problems, minor discomforts are not as well known. Yet, some even the most minute chest discomforts are prerequisites of developing pains and even attacks. Even heartburns can lead to severe problems.

Any discomfort in the chest should always be investigated in detail by a cardiologist in Bronx or at any other quality hospital if you live somewhere else. Any professional health clinic in Bronx or any other part of New York should provide sufficient cardiology care for all patients.

2.     Regular Checkups for Regular Smokers

If you are a regular chain smoker, be sure that heart problems will develop any time down the line. While some smokers might not develop heart problems, smokers are actually a lot more susceptible to heart conditions that non-smokers. Even if you don’t feel any problems, cardiologist checkups are must.

Periodic checkups for smokers should always be planned with cardiologists. Proper detailed monitoring and certain timely treatments can only keep a high level of heart health. Having yourself registered with quality Cardiologist in Bronx or whichever part of NYC you live in is must for smokers.

3.     If You Have Regular High Blood Pressure Complain

High blood pressure is a common medical problem with many people today. According to estimates, 45% Americans at some point in their lives suffer from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is often caused by hypertension in the veins. As the heart does more work, it is likely to wear out sooner.

People suffering from regular high blood pressure often develop heart conditions as well. If you are one of the people suffering from regular high or even low blood pressure problems, be sure to get checked at a quality health clinic in Bronx.

4.     Diabetic People with Peaking Levels

High sugar levels give rise to diabetic problems for people. Elevated blood glucose also takes toll on the heart for affected people. Diabetic people can have damage to their blood vessels and also to the nerves that control the heart.

Type 2 diabetes patients are also more likely to get high blood pressure problems with high cholesterol and obesity symptoms as well. All these can cause lower functioning heart in the affected people. It is a must to have your heart regularly checked up if you are diabetic at all.

5.     If You Have a Family History of Heart Conditions

Unfortunately, heart problems are also genetic. These can travel between generations and cause problems for family members. With a first-degree relative who is also a heart patient, odds of you developing it at some point multiply.

Family history of diabetes and high blood pressures can also give rise to heart conditions. If you are one of the people with a parent having heart conditions, it is essential to take care of your heart to the maximum. Be sure to get checked up by a qualified cardiologist in Bronx or wherever you live to be sure.

6.     If You Suffer from Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a condition that might develop in an expectant mother with rise in blood pressure. Furthermore, women suffering from preeclampsia are four times more at risk of a heart failure. This makes pregnancy time the most dangerous for suffering patients.

If you have this condition, it becomes absolutely essential to visit your specialized cardiologist in Bronx regularly. During the pregnancy period, suggested interval of visits to the health clinic in Bronx should necessarily be followed to get checkups.

7.     If You Have Gum Disease

Gum disease is another name for severe inflammation. This we know is a major threat to the heart for anyone affected. If you are unfortunate enough to develop the gum disease, you are much more vulnerable to a heart failure and heart problems than most other people.

Having yourself regularly checked by a qualified cardiologist in Bronx is absolutely necessary for people with the gum disease. Even when you don’t see any symptoms at all, just be sure and get checked up whenever you can. Or just simply follow the suggested checkup interval by the cardiologist.

8.     Leg Pains or Foot Swelling without Any Reason

Heart arteries are connected to parts of the body. The main blood vessel that travels through the body also goes through the leg and the foot. If you have a swelling in your foot or a pain in your leg without any apparent reason, there might be a blockage in that major vessel.

It is a sure sign to visit your cardiologist in Bronx. Regular visits to your regular health clinic in Bronx should keep away this problem in the long run. Be sure to discuss any of these problems with your family doctor as well if you visit one regularly.

How Can Parkchester Medical Help?

Parkchester Medical is one of the most experienced health clinics in Bronx, NYC. We have a qualified and experienced cardiologist who is always available at our center on the Parkchester road. We also have expertise in many other medical problems.

Be sure to visit us if you have any of these symptoms and problems. Register with us and visit for any other medical problems that you might have as well. Call now or visit anytime, our professional care givers provide 24/7 support.