Kidney Cancer Symptoms and Causes – Know When to Be Concerned

Kidney Cancer Symptoms and Causes – Know When to Be Concerned

Also termed as renal cancer, Kidney Cancer is of course devastating. When not diagnosed at early stages and treated accordingly, fatal consequences surely follow. Like most cancers, this one leads to certain deaths in a high percentage of sufferers.

It is also very common for people to ignore most kidney cancer symptoms and don’t do much about it. If you are living in The Bronx, NYC, you will have access to some of the leading health clinics and hospitals. Getting yourself checked up regular at a quality urologist in Bronx NY should always be a priority.

Especially people over 50 should get regular check-ups and scans in order to determine any renal cancer symptoms. Be sure to visit quality health clinic in Bronx and get regular checkups and consultations. Read through to find out more about this devastating and fairly common condition:

What Exactly Is Kidney Cancer?

When kidney cells become more malignant and start out of control growth forming tumor(s), the condition is termed as Kidney Cancer. Nearly all kidney cancers first appear in tubules (lining of tiny tubes) inside the kidney. Renal cell carcinoma is also another term given to such cancer.

Fortunately, modern systems are able to diagnose these kidney cancers before they spread much. When cancers of any kinds spread out and metastasize to distant organs, they become lethal. Early caught kidney cancers are much easier to treat as well. When untreated, these tumors can grow to quite substantial sizes sometimes even without getting detected.

Kidneys in normal humans are two bean-shaped organs. They size up to a fist when closed. One is found on each side of the spine in the lower abdomen. They are responsible for cleaning blood and removing waste products passing them through urine.

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What Causes Renal Cancer or Kidney Cancer?

Truthfully, doctors do not know the exact causes of kidney cancer. Renal cancer, which is the most common type of kidney cancer is also not known in terms of its causes. However, what is known is that kidney cancer starts with some kidney cells acquiring mutations in their DNA.

These mutations cause kidney cells to grow and divide rapidly. These rapidly growing cells form a tumor that can sometimes extend past the kidney. Some part of this tumor breaks off (metastasize) to other distant parts of the body making things even worse.

Doctors do agree on some risk factors for kidney cancer though:

Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

Some commonly known risk factors with kidney cancer include:

Old Age and Aging Cells

People passing the age of 50 are always at more risk to kidney cancer than younger ones. This is because older cells in the kidney are more likely to mutate and form tumors. Be sure to visit quality health clinic in Bronx or any other region of the world where you may be living if you are in that age group.

Excessive Smoking

Any kinds of smoking habits can give rise to kidney cancer. Smokers have been observed to get kidney cancers more than non-smokers globally. Your urologist in Bronx NY will tell you about this as well. Quitting smoking decreases risk of kidney cancer significantly.


Being overweight brings many health risks. Kidney cancer is one of them. Even though doctors still don’t know why obesity cause more kidney cancer in people, reports suggest that it does. Obese people are more likely to develop kidney cancer than good BMI ones.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

People with constant high blood pressure or hypertension are also observed to be more prone to kidney cancers. Tumors are likely to form more in people with hypertension.

Many Inherited Syndromes

Some people who are born with specific inherited syndrome are also more likely to develop kidney cancers. Hippel-Lindau disease, Brit-Hogg-Dube syndrome, hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma, tuberous sclerosis complex or familial renal cancer are all such syndromes and conditions.

Family History of Kidney Cancer

Even when there might be no inherited syndrome but kidney cancer has been in the family, you are more likely to develop it. It is important to get regular checkups from a qualified urologist in Bronx NY when you know kidney cancer has been in the family history.

Kidney Failure Treatment

Chronic kidney failure treatment that involves long-term dialysis for treatment are also at more risk of developing kidney cancers. If you have been going through long-term dialysis, make sure to get checked up at a quality health clinic in Bronx to know you are safe.

Exposure to Specific Substances at Workplaces

People who work in certain conditions where exposure to substances including cadmium or other herbicides is common, will be at more risk of developing kidney cancer.

Males in General

Categorically, males are twice as more prone to kidney cancers than females. Certain studies conducted have proven this fact by their findings.

Kidney Cancer Prevention

Visit Parkchester Medical today to get professional advice on how to stay safe from kidney cancers. Also take these following steps to avoid it to the best of your ability:

Quit Smoking

Many solutions that can help you quit smoking exist in the world today. Take any support programs you need to take or start medications and nicotine replacements to quit smoking. Tell your health clinic Bronx doctors that you want to quit. They will suggest some good solutions. Quitting smoking helps reduce the risk of kidney cancer greatly.

Maintain a Healthy Body and Weight

One of the best things you can do to yourself generally is to maintain your body to good healthy levels. Maintaining your weight to be suitable and supportive of you body reduces chances of kidney cancer as well. Control your calory intake and workout properly to keep yourself healthy.

Don’t Let Your Blood Pressure Stay High

If you have high blood pressure in your family, it will likely pop up in you too at some point. Get an appointment with your health clinic in Bronx and maintain your blood pressure. Do exercise, lose weight and change your diet to lower blood pressure. Get medication for blood pressure if you need.

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