Orthopaedics in Bronx – Know Your Doctors

The Bronx is one of the highly populated regions of New York city. It is also home to some of the biggest sports clubs and centers in the city. The Bronx also has some of the best medical centers in NYC of which Parkchester Medical is one of the very best. With highly qualified and experienced orthopedic doctor in Bronx, we provide all kinds of orthopedic care in NYC.

Orthopedic doctors provide care for all injuries and skeletal damages you might have. All body parts that might have an injury problem or may be wearing out with time require orthopedic attention. Visiting a quality health clinic in Bronx for your orthopedic checkups every so often is a great option. Even when you are fully fit, there might be niggles lurking inside that might need attention.

What Orthopedic Doctors Diagnose and Treat?

An Orthopedic doctor in Bronx will be able to care for your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Everything related to the musculoskeletal system can be checked up and treated by orthopedic experts. These doctors do:

·        Checkup, diagnosis and treatment for physical activity or sports caused injuries in the body especially with bones and joints

·        Provide help with managing certain conditions that might get worse with time including arthritis or osteoporosis where joints might get weaker

·        Direct people with certain physical jobs to avoid muscle or joint fatigue cause by overuse of certain muscles or joints

·        Help manage all persistent pains in the body for any limbs, joints, bones and other body parts by suggesting exercises and other treatments

What Parts of the Body Orthopedic Doctors Help With?

Basically, orthopedic doctor in Bronx will help with all affected or compromised body parts that may have pains or restrictions in them. Some of the most notable and commonly helped body parts include:

·        Hands and wrists including finger joints

·        Shoulders and elbows with any pains or discomforts

·        Foot and ankle affected by any injuries or overuse fatigue

·        Knee that might be hurting continuously

·        Neck with all the different muscles and bones in it

·        Back and spine that might have bad discs or other pains in it

·        Hips and legs affected by injuries or getting worse with time

Younger people might need to see orthopedic doctors as their different body parts may have problems from injuries. Sports people are also more likely to develop bone, joint or muscle injuries and thus suffer from pains in various parts of the body.

When You Should Visit an Orthopedic Doctor in Bronx?

Visiting a health clinic in Bronx frequently or at periodic intervals should be a must for everyone. Regular family doctor appointments, internal medicine checkups and other regular checks ensure you always stay at maximum health levels. There are certain times when you should visit an orthopedic doctor in Bronx necessarily.

Sports or physical activity caused injuries should always be checked up at orthopedic clinics. Mountain bikers, basketball players, baseball athletes, footie lovers, gymnasts and many other athletes might get certain injuries commonly. Mountain bikers are always more prone to develop back and knee injuries and basketball players usually get bad backs and legs.

Beyond sports injuries, orthopedic doctor in Bronx will also treat many other problems and concerns. Some sings that should tell you to visit a quality health clinic in Bronx for orthopedic doctors include:

·        Mild to severe back pain especially when it won’t go away

·        Arthritis in any joints of your body

·        Fractures or broken bones with severe pains

·        Torn ligaments and muscles in any part of the body

·        Muscle strains and sprains that may be causing pains

·        Work injuries including conditions caused by heavy lifting or lifting in same postures

·        Bone tumors of all kinds

·        Osteoporosis or other age-linked conditions

Primary doctors might be able to treat some of these injuries and conditions too. But, when you have severe conditions, your primary doctors might refer you to orthopedic doctor in Bronx on their own. This is because the orthopedic discipline trains doctors with certain skills and knowledge on how to handle pains and treat conditions.

There are also further classes in the orthopedic discipline. It is important to know which orthopedic doctor in Bronx you need. Sports pain management is separate to back bone specialists.

Orthopedic Doctors Don’t Always Perform Surgeries

Opposite to popular belief, orthopedic doctors don’t always perform or recommend surgeries. A lot of people in New York and all around the US actually believe that orthopedic doctors always prefer surgeries. However, that is simply not true.

When you go to a quality health clinic in Bronx like Parkchester Medical, you will get just the perfect treatment that you need. Many other forms of treatment and medication will be prescribed depending on what is best for your case. These include:

·        Proper rest and recovery

·        Rehab or physical therapy

·        Certain approved medications and injections

·        Suggested changes in lifestyle for people in need of pain relief

You Don’t Always Have to be Referred to an Orthopedic Doctor

Another common misconception around orthopedic doctors in Bronx is that you have to be referred to them. However, you can even walk-in any time you feel you need a checkup. Parkchester Medical is one such service provide that welcomes anyone in need of orthopedic checkup at any time.

Getting an appointment will guarantee you a spot at the suggested time. Even if you don’t have an appointment and need to see an orthopedic doctor instantly, we will greet you well. This is true for most health clinics in Bronx as well. You will not necessarily need a doctor’s referral to visit.

Help can be provided for anyone with or without a doctor referral in Bronx, NYC. Be sure to visit the right orthopedic specialist for your exact conditions and what it needs. Only specialized doctors will be able to diagnose and treat your condition in the best way possible. Don’t delay your visit to an orthopedic. Make time for it and be treated quickly not allowing problems to get worse over time at all.