Ultimate Tips For Setting Realistic Goals This New Year

Ultimate Tips For Setting Realistic Goals This New Year

Goals setting is an exciting new year tradition. Having something to work towards and look forward to this new year is the best way to stay focused and on track, which Is why at the beginning of the new year which is like the start of a new chapter in our lives, we set goals and put down resolutions that help us stay on track in the year.

But along the way about a few months into the year, many of us abandon our goals or become lackadaisical about pursuing them. We fall back into our usual routine and just like that the goals are gone.

People sometimes find it difficult to achieve their goals because most times a lot of those goals are unrealistic, there no planning on how to go about pushing these goals and become unachievable. A lot of our goals become unrealistic wishes that are unachievable. Therefore the first step in achieving your goals is knowing how to set realistic goals.

Here are a few tips:

  • Pick Specific Goals And Focus On Them: While we would all love to achieve all our goals, it is impossible as we would end up not achieving any of our goals. Therefore choose goals that are most important and stick to them.
  • Please Write Down Your Goals And Develop A Plan: Writing your goals down enables you to remember them clearly and revisit the list for constant motivation. Then create a clear plan that acts as a guide on your path to achieving your goals. This plan should consist of activities to be carried out, time limits for achieving this goal, and important general factors that must be put in place. If you have a fitness goal, you want to plan out your exercise routine and diet and determine how much time you will spend exercising in a day.
  • Please Focus On The Positive And Ignore The Negatives: Many people often fail to achieve their goals because they often focus on things that could go wrong, and these thoughts derail them. Instead, focus on all the positives like what you tend to gain once you achieve your goal, this will help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.
  • Be Accountable To Someone: As you begin to set your goals, you need to devise a way to make yourself accountable for this new commitment. You could be accountable to yourself or get someone else who can keep you on track. Getting an accountability partner helps stay motivated because that person has the responsibility of holding you accountable and monitoring your progress. Accountability partners also provide support and words of encouragement when needed.
  • Celebrate Your Little Wins: It is better to divide your goals into smaller goals you can work towards. This method is better because you will be able to track your progress and manage your time effectively. As you achieve these smaller goals, celebrate yourself and how far you've come, keep moving forward.
  • Device Ways To Stay Motivated And Remember That It Is One Step: People tend to get frustrated and abandon their goals, especially when they are not getting the results they want as quickly as they want them. It is important to remember that it is a process. Believe in yourself, stick to your plan, be consistent, and in the long run, results are sure to appear.

Remember, when setting realistic goals, you must always have this at the back of your mind- they must be timely, specific, measurable, and achievable. Visit parkchestermedical.org or call: 718-828-6610 for more information on various health related topics and stay updated throughout the year.