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Internal medicine is a branch of medical science that is not very widely known but when a person completes his study of internal medicine, he is known as an internist. An internist has the power and knowledge to treat all adult diseases; from life threatening chronic ailments to issues that require only short-term care.

More and more medical students are seen to be adapting this course of medical study. An internist or internal medicine doctor is an extremely skilled and informed individual who has the capability to prevent, diagnose and treat adult diseases and multi system illnesses that is sometimes hard and impossible to be treated by doctors who are related to a single organ specialty.

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As explained, an internist treats adult diseases that may be too complex or not and a family and general practitioner has the power to treat a broad range of issues that affect the entire family. This is probably the only difference between the two. A general practitioner on the other hand is trained to:

1) Treat a wide variety of medical issues

2) Varying across different sex and age groups

3) And even across countries.

A General Practice Doctor at Parkchester Medical on the other hand is specialized in a specific branch of human anatomy after completing the basic medical study. We provide all kinds of internal medicine treatments including:

Immunizations (routine/travel-related)Management of chronic conditionsManagement of complex disorders
Mental health evaluationsPhysical exams and evaluationsPreventive care
Senior care


A general physician is an extremely trained individual in non-surgical procedures. He has the knowledge and skill to diagnose complex diseases and prepare a course of treatment specific to each patient that is best suited according to their health needs and requirements.

A general physician has the power of helping patients that have been referred to them by other doctors. They mostly treat patients that are hospitalized and continue to monitor them unless their health improves. What make a general physician extremely beneficial are factors such as broad range of knowledge to treat various ailments across all sex and age groups, a complete, through and logical approach to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and the capability to treat the whole body rather than a single organ.

An internal medicine doctor main role is the treatment of illnesses that affect adults but are majorly responsible for promoting health and disease prevention measures.

Parkchester Medical has highly qualified and experienced Family and General Practitioners who provide full care for all our patients.


In a nutshell, a general doctor or general physician is someone who has the non-surgical knowledge of disease prevention and treatment. A general medicine doctor has the knowledge of the entire body and can treat multi organ diseases rather than a single organ complexity. They have the expertise to treat the entire body as a whole and therefore a great addition to the medical science and knowledge.

1) Why should one invest in a general medicine doctor and why visiting one is extremely important for the prevention of diseases?

2) He has the power to perform a full body checkup.

3) A general doctor can run a thorough checkup and has the knowledge to prescribe the most optimal and logical course of action.

4) A general doctor can help you save cost and time by visiting different doctors for the treatment of different body parts. He has the capability to look at all organs and treat all diseases.

Internal Medicine is a branch of science that is widespread and extremely beneficial. It is equivalent to having the knowledge of the entire body. Treating complex diseases and helping patients treat and recover from serious or not so serious diseases. Quality of life is determined by the health standards of the entire human body and a general doctor can help you take care of your entire body.

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