Healthy Children are Happy Children


Medical science has made tremendous advancements in all field and branches over the span of last few decades. From the diagnosis phase to the treatment plans and the medicinal care all have come a long way. Every part of human anatomy is treated through a different specialization and the doctors and professionals of each branch strive in their own personal capacity to come up with new, effective and efficient treatment options.

The branch of medical science that deals with the issues and problems of infants and children is known as pediatrics and a trained medical professional who has the knowledge and expertise to treat all children related issues and ailments is known as a pediatrician.

Parkchester Medical in Bronx, NYC has highly qualified Pediatrician experts available. We offer extensive care for your child brining health when its needed most. Our Pediatric Physicians diagnose and treat all conditions in children and infants perfectly.

What can a child specialist at Parkchester Medical capable of?

A pediatric doctor is responsible for keeping the children (anyone under the age of 18 can see a pediatrician) safe and healthy. There are so many problems and symptoms that can be diagnosed and treated only through pediatric care. What is more important to understand is the fact that a baby doctor and pediatric care is concerned not only with issues that can affect a child’s health but also welfare, behavior and education. Parkchester Medical provides caring Pediatrist Nursing for your child in Bronx, NYC.

After acquiring the basic medical education, the pediatricians can specialize in a number o fields such treatment of new born babies (neonatology), treatment of heart problems in babes, children and teenagers (cardiology) and development and behavior. A pediatric clinic can help your child with:

1) Allergies and asthma

2) Malnutrition

3) Poor growth

4) Sleep problems

5) Brain conditions, bone conditions, disabilities, autism

6) Behavior problems


How can a pediatrician help?

A pediatric clinic and child specialists have the capability and skill level to treat diseases and injuries sustained by babies, children and teenagers (less than 18 years of age). Pediatric care is exceptional because each and every person in trained to treat and handle kids. A pediatrician can help you by:

1) Provide diagnosis, treatment plan and precautions: Children’s pediatrics has the ability to diagnose the problem; it can be psychological, physical or emotional and then provide an effective treatment plan. When you visit a child specialist, he will examine the patient and determine the best treatment option. It can be through taking oral medicines, practicing exercises as in case of behavioral issues and ADHD (particularly a pediatric physician), and counseling parents, performing surgeries or providing pediatric physical therapy.

2) Perform Surgery and physical therapy: Surgeries can be required by anyone. From a new born baby to a young adult and a pediatric doctor can do it all. From carrying put complex surgical procedures to providing post op care, children’s pediatrics provides complete medical care.

3) Prescribe exercises and counsel Parents: Children suffering from ADHD and other behavioral disorders need special attention and a proper way is needed to deal with them. Consulting a doctor will help you understand that your child is just not driving you insane on purpose rather; he/she is suffering himself. He needs to be dealt with love, care and caution. Most parents of children with ADHD have no idea what this condition is and how can it be treated. A pediatrician has the skill and capability to treat children that are suffering from psychological issues as well besides physical issues.

A private pediatrician is a special and labeled doctor for each child. He tracks the child’s progress from day one and keeps a track of his milestone’s achievement, health standards, physical, mental and emotional health and also runs routine tests and lab works to make sure the child is progressing and thriving exceptionally. Parkchester Medical in Bronx also provides authentic Pediatric Care for your children of all ages. Our Baby Doctors help your babies get back to full health quickly and efficiently.

Call now and book your Children’s Pediatrics appointment. Visit us in Bronx, NY to get best diagnosis and treatment of all your child’s problems. We have certified Child Specialist doctors who take care of your child in the most responsible way.