Physical Medicine and Pain Management

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When one suffers from long term pain also known as chronic pain, the best solution and optimal treatment plan is to opt for physical therapy and physical medicine. Physical medicine is the branch of medical science that focuses on the treatment and restoration of physical impairments and disabilities. The pain can be due to a number of reasons; due to injury, obesity, slipped disc or any other naturally or manually induced problem. Physical medicine and therapy can only make you feel better and stronger. Over the years, physical medicine has proved to be one of the most effective and best solutions to treat chronic pain that is intense and persistent.

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The doctors who specialize in physical medicine are known as physiatrists. Their scope includes treating patients that have gone through amputation, spinal cord injury, stroke or traumatic brain injury. These conditions typically result in pain and other defects. Physiatrists commonly work in collaboration with a team of other doctors and therapists to help the patient recover and carry out normal and routine life chores.

Intense physical conditions such as spinal cord injury result in extreme pain that becomes unbearable if untreated. One can feel the sensation of muscular pain otherwise as well (not particularly due to spinal cord injury) due to wrong posture, injury, excessive weight or during a wrong and sudden movement. In most cases the pain cannot be finished completely with just medication and requires physical therapy, proper exercises and multiple sessions of therapy with the doctor and pain medication.

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To treat any medical condition properly, a qualified and skilled doctor along with an adequate and equipped health care center is pivotal. Here at Parkchester Medical, our team of pain management doctors and facilities can help you with pain management. We can help you with:

1) Sciatica Treatment: Sciatica Pain is one of the most unbearable and extreme pain. We can help you with pain management and provide Sciatica pain treatment. We offer pain medications, muscle relaxants, exercise and alternative remedies. Sciatica pain is due to the irritation of nerve and we provide sciatic nerve treatment to help you recover and feel better.

2) Back pain treatment: We at Parkchester Medicine receive numerous patients with complains of back pain. Back pain treatment and lower back pain treatment is provided at health center to help you recover and feel fit and strong. Dedicated exercises, therapy sessions and oral medications are provided by our equipped doctors to help you with back pain and lower left back pain.

3) Neck pain treatment: We can also help you with neck pain treatment. Mostly due to a pulled muscle or wrong and sudden movement, neck pain can be excruciating. Our skilled pain management doctors can help you recover and feel better.

4) Shoulder pain treatment: Shoulder pain is also intense and stops you from carrying our routine job and chores. Our shoulder pain treatment is advanced, up to date and reliable. With proper precautions, medications, exercises and therapy sessions, our pain management doctors can help you with the chronic pain and help you feel better and stronger.

Pain management is a whole new field of medical science and only the skilled and qualified doctors can help you. In order to feel better and stronger, it is very important to visit the right doctor at the right time. We have a team of professional pain management doctors who are qualified and capable of helping you with pain and make you feel better, stronger and fine.

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