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Bunion Surgery

The field of medical science that deals with the problems and issues of foot, ankle and lower legs is known as Podiatry and the person specialized to treat these problems is known as a Podiatrist. Sometimes also referred as the foot doctor or foot specialist, a podiatrist has the knowledge and capability to help you with the problems related to the lower legs, ankle and feet. Better known as a physician and not a doctor, a podiatrist can perform surgical procedures and is trained to relieve both natural abnormalities and sustained injuries. Here is a list of what a foot and ankle doctor can help you with:

1) Perform Surgeries

2) Mend or Reset Broken bones

3) Offer prescription

4) Advice tests and X-rays

A very common surgical procedure performed by the foot doctor is the Bunion Surgery. Parkchester Medical has qualified Foot Specialist in Bronx, NYC. Our podiatry experts make you feel great with easy feeling feet.

Feet are very important parts of the body. Some of the symptoms you can suffer from include:

Heel and arch painCorns, calluses and plantar wartsFlat feet
Ingrown or infected toenailsGout or arthritis painNerve pain/neuromas
Sport-related injuriesNail fungus and athletes’ footDiabetic wounds
Bunions, hammertoes and bone spursLumps, bumps or cystsFoot infections
Fractures, sprains and strainsAnkle pain


In the most words and terms a Bunion is a structural problem of the big toe. It is a bony deformity and causes the foot bone to face outward. This happens when the big toe pushes against the next toe causing it present a bulging appearance. One can develop a bunion due to a number of reasons such as wearing narrow or tight shoes, inheriting a structural defect or as a result of arthritis.

What is important to remember is the fact that not all bunions require surgical procedures. Most of the bunions require no medical treatment and can be left as it is or dealt with using pain killers incase of excessive pain but some bunions do require surgery as well. What is the appropriate bunion treatment and when should you consult a foot doctor for bunion surgery is a valid question and here is the answer!

1) If you have a big toe that is evident and hurts for a long period of time.

2) The bump on your foot is visible and getting big in size.

3) The bunion is restricting or limiting your foot or toe movement.

4) You are unable to find shoes that accommodate your bunion too.

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Despite of the common belief, bunion surgery or bunion treatment is not extremely painful. Like all other surgeries, bunion surgery also has its fair share of pain associated with it but it is bearable and with proper care and guidance that we can provide you through our skilled staff and professional doctors, recovery from bunion surgery is not a struggle. Here is how we can help you:

1) Guide you deal with Bunions without surgery: In case your bunion does not require surgery, the foot and ankle specialist can help you deal with it non-surgically. For this purpose, you will be advised to maintain your weight within the normal range (to avoid extra pressure on foot), use gel filled pads to ease the bunion and relieve the pain if any, make sure foot is inserted and positioned correctly in the shoes, wear shoes that are suitable for people with a wide foot, use icepacks and warm socks to ease the discomfort and keep the toe straight.

2) Perform Bunion Surgery: But in case the doctor prescribes you a surgery for your bunion treatment, the goal is to return the big toe back to its normal condition. Typically, a podiatrist prescribes surgery when the pain has been persistent for over an year. Ideally, a foot and ankle specialist put bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves back to their original and correct order to instill formation and structure to your foot and remove the bump.

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