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Medical Science has evolved over the span of the last few decades by leaps and bounds. There are numerous branches and dedicated fields of medical science that have been developed and studied to cater and treat problems related to each part of the human body in the best possible way. However, no part of medical science can claim to be the most important to crucial of all because just like the anatomy of human body, every field of knowledge and expertise is needed for the proper and optimal treatment of human body.

But one thing is for sure, that without properly functioning lungs the survival of human body is nearly impossible. The branch of medical science that deals with the problems and diseases of respiratory tract are is known as Pulmonology and the individual skilled to treat these problems is known as a pulmonologist or a pulmonary doctor.

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Whenever there is a problem with the respiratory system, a pulmonologist has the skill and knowledge to treat everything; from asthma to tuberculosis and everything in between. Pulmonologists have the skill and expertise to treat any respiratory disorder like:

1) Infections

2) Structural abnormality

3) Swelling and inflammation

4) Neoplastic ( referring to the presence of a tumor in the respiratory system)

If you feel discomfort or difficulty breathing, face a consistent cough, experience difficulty in maintaining a steady breathe or encounter bloody vomits; it is time to visit a pulmonary specialist. There are numerous diseases of the respiratory system but one of the most common condition is known as emphysema, which in the most basic terms is the shortness of breath due to a condition of the lungs.

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When the air sacs in the lungs weaken and rupture, larger air spaces are created in place of shorter ones. In order to overcome this, a lung specialist can prescribe a number of treatments (customized according to one’s condition) which are:

1) Medications: A pulmonologist or lung specialist will prescribe you a course of bronchodilator medications which may be in the form of sprays or oral medications, to help clear and relax your air passages in the lungs.

2) Steroids: A lung specialist can also prescribe steroids in order to help a patient breathe and fight the symptoms of shortness of breath.

3) Antibiotics: Antibiotics can also be prescribed by the doctor, in case of an infection.

It is important to understand that once one develops the conditions of emphysema, there is no turning back. It can never be completely cured, but adequate treatments can be provided to prevent further lung damage. Here are some ways through which one can help themselves and improve their lung health:

1) Visit a doctor and get a diagnosis

2) Quit Smoking.

3) Take proper medication

4) Avoid irritants

5) Stay immunized

6) Do the right exercises.

Lung Damage is irreversible but it can be slowed down and the quality of life can be improved.

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