Sonograms/ Ultrasounds

Sonograms and ultrasounds are two terms that are usually used in the same context and interchangeably. But ultrasound and sonograms refer to two different things. Ultrasound is the diagnostic treatment that is carried out to produce images of organs, vessels, tissues and monitor the blood flow. Sonograms on the other hand refer to the resultant images that are received as the result of ultrasound. Ultrasound is the process and sonograms are the resultant end product. This process of diagnostic image generation is also known as Sonography.

Parkchester Medical has 3D Ultrasound specialists with advanced equipment that combine to diagnose all your internal problems. We also have some of the best Baby Sonogram experts who ensure your baby’s health with very advanced ultrasounds. We are available in Bronx, New York City with our perfect services for all ages and sexes of people in the community.


Before the use of ultrasound (the process of using high frequency sound waves to produce images) the only diagnostic treatment in use was the X-ray exam. Ultrasound on the other hand is a more advanced and fast process to produce images that can be used for diagnosis. They help a doctor to have a clear understanding of the inner workings of the body.

An ultrasound is usually performed by an Ultrasound specialist; one who can perform the procedure and interpret the results. Ultrasound images also known as sonograms are used to determine the inner state of organs, tissues and blood vessels (to check for clots and blood flow). Ultrasound imaging is also widely used in pregnancy check-ups (that provides baby sonogram) to ensure good health of the mother and baby. Sonogram pregnancy is extremely critical and beneficial to track the growth of the fetus and help doctors provide adequate course of treatment.

Ultrasound is an extremely beneficial diagnostic imaging procedure because:

1) It is safe and radiation free.

2) It is non-invasive and pain free.

3) The ultrasound machine/equipment is portable.

4) It is widely accessible.

5) The procedure is extremely affordable.

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Your doctor can advise you during the treatment to have an ultrasound done. It can be meant to analyze a number of conditions ranging from fetal activity to cardiac condition, from trans-rectal analysis to intra-vascular applications. The doctor will also advise you the type of ultrasound you are supposed to opt for. There are a number of different types of ultrasounds available now that vary on the basis of rendering ultrasound data (dimensions). A skilled doctor and service center has the ability to prescribe the right ultrasound and perform one without fail.


We at Parkchester Medical have the most skilled and experienced doctors who have the ability to advise the most optimal treatment plan and tests. Our service center is also equipped to provide you with the best services and state of the art procedures. We offer:

1) 3d Ultrasound: This is an advanced ultrasound that provides clearer and more accurate images. Most commonly used in pregnancy, 3d ultrasound can help in identifying birth defects and other structural abnormalities. If you are looking for a pregnancy ultrasound near me, then Parkchestral medical is the place to visit. A 16 week 3d ultrasound is carried out typically that can tell the gender of the baby, one can listen to the heartbeat and also see clear baby movements.

2) Book private ultrasound: Extra scans in your pregnancy can be booked privately. Here at Parkchestral, you can book a private ultrasound as early as 6 weeks. We provide quick flexible appointments and no long waits.

3) Produce 4d sonograms: Used most typically in pregnancy, 3d and 4d sonograms are generated to have more clear and accurate pictures of the fetus. Fetal movements can be clearly seen. Doctors prefer 34d sonograms because birth defects and organs deformity can be identified and treated at an early stage.

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Sonograms / Ultrasound