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Kidney Stones

Urology is the branch of medical science that deals with the male and female urinary tract system and also the male reproductive organs. Whereas urologist is the specified doctor who has the expertise, knowledge and skill to diagnose, treat and prevent all the issues and problems associated with the urinary tract. Kidneys are the biggest component of the urinary tract system as they are solely responsible for the formation of urine along with much other functionality. Every human body has two bean shaped kidneys that have the power to flush out toxins from the body through extracting wasting from blood and converting them into urine that are flushed out of the body. Kidneys perform other bodily functions as well such as balancing the fluid composition by the major and more critical function is to extract waste and prepare urine.

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Why does one develop kidney stones?

During this act of urine formation there are certain factors that cause the urine to dilute or the excess of some components in the urine force it to crystallize and thus forming kidney stones. Another factor responsible for the creation of kidney stones is the absence of certain substances in the urine that cause the crystals to disintegrate rather than sticking together and this deficiency once again results in kidney stones.

How does one feel with kidney stones?

For most of the people who suffer from kidney stones (irrespective of the size and quantity) the first red flag is raised when they experience a pulsating pain that is sharp, strong and persistent. Other symptoms that indicate the presence of stones in the kidney are:

1) Shooting pain in the back, belly or sides

2) Burning sensation during urination

3) Frequent urination

4) Bloody and smelly urine

5) Not being able to empty the bladder completely

6) Fever and chills

If one or multiple of these symptoms exist, it is time to see a doctor and get kidney stone treatment.

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How can Parkchester Medical help you get rid of kidney stones?

The first step is to visit an urologist and get a complete checkup done and in case of kidney stones diagnosis, the next step is move towards the kidney stones removal. Here is how we can help you get rid of the stones and help you feel better:

1) Oral Medication: If kidney stones are smaller in size and less in quantity, doctor may advise you to increase you water intake and complete the course of prescribed medicines. These medicines have the ability to dissolve the stones, but this process might be time consuming and not very effective.

2) Kidney Stone Surgery: Although laser and less invasive techniques are also available for kidney stones treatment but incase these procedures are not viable for a certain case, the final step is kidney stone surgery. For this purpose, a urologist will perform a surgery to manually remove all the stones from the kidneys.

How else can an urologist help?

Besides the very common and frequent kidney stones treatment, a urologist can treat many other problems too by offering services such as overactive bladder treatment and kidney cancer treatment. The former is a condition where the bladder is too active and one feels the urge to go to the washroom and empty the bladder every too often and the latter condition is the presence of cancerous cells in the kidney. As scary and dangerous these two conditions may sound, a competent doctor can help you with the timely diagnosis and treatment of these problems.

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